Lymphatic or Remedial Massage

In recent years people have turned to massage not just for general physical relaxation, and to release the muscle tension after a “workout”, but also for its relevance to stress management, as an aid to comfort people in ill-health, and nurture and replenish them in recovery. At Nurtura Health we practice Lymphatic Drainage and Remedial Massage as our predominant massage therapies.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Movement of lymph fluids in the body is very dependent upon physical movement, muscle contraction and gravity. Consequently, it is common if the body is sedentary, if lifestyle dictates that only certain parts of the body are moving (eg. sitting at a desk 8 hours a day), or if there is an obstruction to the lymphatic flow for any other reason, this body system may be impaired. This may result in retention of body fluids, in a particular area or limb, or general congestion. Lymphatic congestion often results in increased discomfort in the tissues due to the increased fluid retention in the particular area of the body.

The drainage can be undertaken on a particular part of the body or an individual limb. The time taken will depend on the presenting condition and circumstances.

Under normal conditions, where the lymphatic massage is undertaken to enhance drainage and healing, the session will take 1 hour to 1¼ hours. Essential oils are used according to the desired effect and the individual person.

Lymphatic Massage may be very beneficial during a Cleansing Program or whilst undertaking a Weight Loss Program.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. Remedial Massage is beneficial to alleviate discomfort in the body’s musculo-skeletal system and enhance the function of joints and muscles. It is also part of an integrated approach to activate the body’s healing response, stimulate drainage, increase circulation and general body tone, reduce tension and stress.  Many clients look for Remedial Massage during times of mental and physical fatigue.

Remedial Massage has been found to be useful for neck/shoulder discomfort, lower back and tension, headaches, sore joints, and congested legs.

Remedial Massage is often used by our Therapists when clients suffer from “all over body discomfort” as well as for specific troublesome joints or areas of the body.  Our Therapists can modify Remedial Massage to suit your preferences.  It is often requested to support relaxation and relieve stress and tension associated with day to day lifestyle pressures.



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