Herbal Preparations – Modern Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been practiced for centuries in every country of the world and utilises the Hippocratic principles of:

  • Treating the person, not the disease.
  • Evaluating the lifestyle, as well as the emotional and circumstantial environment of each person, not just the physical symptoms.

Western herbal medicine is characterised by a person-centred approach, where the client rather than the disease is the focus of the Practitioner’s attention. Your Naturopath will spend time with you, listening to your history, including family history, and look at the interactions among social, environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors.  Therapy is directed at the causes, not just the presenting symptoms.

Before a prescription is arrived at, the Naturopaths at Nurtura Health will conduct a consultation, examination and any other assessments necessary. The Practitioners will use the information obtained during the taking of the case history, as well information gained during any assessments, to make an evaluation of the vitality and constitution of the client.

The choice of herbs in the prescription is based on this assessment. The prescription, rather than being based simply on the diagnosis of a disease or condition, is determined by an understanding of the significance of the signs and symptoms in the individual. Prescriptions may vary substantially between individual clients apparently presenting with a similar condition.

At Nurtura Health we use only the highest quality herbal decoctions and tablets, and we have access to scientific research of the virtues, safety and effectiveness for these herbal preparations. Used correctly, herbal medicines provide a safe, cost-effective alternative for relief, correction and prevention of ill-health.

Herbal treatment is commonly backed up by appropriate nutritional support, and advice on lifestyle, particularly nutrition.

Generally, herbal preparations are compatible with conventional medicines, however every care is taken as to possible adverse reactions and interactions.



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