Iridology: A Reflection Of Body Health

Iridology is the examination and analysis of the iris of the eye (the coloured disc around the pupil) to reveal inherent and chronic constitutional health patterns in the individual.

Iridology, using iris photography, allows the Naturopath to observe signs and markings in the irides that deviate from the normal colour and structure.

The brain is the body’s computer. The irides are miniature recording screens that show messages from the computer. It is believed, the irides are made up of thousands of nerve fibres and receive their messages from remote parts of the body by way of the brain and nervous tissue. This 200 year old science does not name or identify diseases, but it does enable the Iridologist to observe tissue changes.

Iridology’s greatest asset is its ability to forewarn of approaching difficulties. Dis-ease in the body takes many years to develop. The observation of changes in the irides acts as an early warning system. These changes, reflected in signs and discolourations in the eyes, may indicate irritations, inflammations, toxic build-up, or tissue changes within the organs or tissues of the body. Indications in the iris may be seen long before symptoms manifest. Iridology is a powerful tool when working towards preventative health care.

Iridology concentrates on the person as a whole, not just the symptoms. By identifying indications of underlying imbalances in the body that produce symptoms, it is an invaluable asset in formulating recommendations of cleansing and rebuilding body tissue through nutrition and herbal support.

Factors which are considered during an iridology analysis include:

  • Individual Constitution
  • Pigmentation which may indicate acute, sub-acute, or chronic changes
  • Autonomic Nerve Wreath which may reflect nervous system changes
  • Acidity white overlay may indicate changes in acid/alkaline balance
  • Spots and Discolourations may indicate toxic settlements
  • Mineral Rings high intake or issues with body fat accumulation
  • Nerve or Stress Rings
  • Radii Solaris Signs like spokes, may indicate toxicity or parasitic infestation
  • The Pupil and Pupil Tones may be affected by light, stroke, fatigue etc.
  • The Sclera and Sclera Signs observe blood vessels, discolouration, cloudiness

The pattern of the iris belongs to the individual person. People with the same type of problems may have different iris signs. The cause of the problems may be coming from a different source or causative factor.

It should always be remembered that iridology is only one source of information about the body. Other sources of information should never be ignored, including a medical opinion.




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