Surviving the Flu Season – Help is at Hand!

Staying healthy during the cold and flu season with natural remedies…

During Autumn and Winter see a huge increase in clients suffering from sinusitis, congestion, sore throats and general discomfort of the real “flu season”.

Our existing clients use protocols to boost their immune systems coming into the winter season to lessen or prevent these episodes.  They are also on the alert at the very first symptoms of malaise or a dry or sore throat to put an “acute protocol” into action.  This may include the use of herbal throat spray, herbal gargles, and two important herbal and nutritional formulations to “boost” the immune response.  Often, within 48 to 72 hours the symptoms abate, and if they don’t completely resolve, certainly they may be much less severe.

If the symptoms have “taken hold” and there is congestion, malaise, and either wet or dry coughs, specific action may be taken depending on whether the major driver is now viral or bacterial.  Often the most distressing is the nasal congestion and mucus, and there is a saline sinus spray which contains added essential oils for potent anti-microbial action. The oils in the anti-microbial spray have traditionally been used to reduce swelling of the mucus membranes, clear thickened mucous and improve breathing.    

We tend to favour liquid herbal remedies when there are bronchial or lung infections with persistent or irritating coughs.  For many clients who have previously suffered from repeated chest infections with associated asthma or bronchitis, using a “lung formulation” may prove to drastically lessen, and in some cases give complete relief from these distressing conditions. 

We are able to use a range of “drop” formulations for coughs and congestion and specific extracts of medicinal mushrooms which we find very beneficial in assisting to reduce the duration and symptoms of colds, allergies and rhinitis.  These are often helpful for children.

None of the remedies or protocols are randomly prescribed.  The remedies are tailored specifically to the individual and the individual condition.  If there is a history of antibiotic use it is important to use an “immune specific” probiotic to improve the immune response. 

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