Catch 22: Is it Inflammation, Insulin Resistance or Both?

Anything that causes inflammation may cause insulin resistance.  And anything that causes insulin resistance may contribute to inflammation.  This dangerous spiral may be at the root of so many of our twenty-first-century chronic issues.

Inflammation is something we are all familiar with – from a sore throat, an allergic reaction, or a cut that gets infected and swollen, red, hot, and tender.  But the inflammation that drives obesity and chronic disease may be invisible and not hurt (yet!).  It may be a hidden, smouldering fire created by the immune system as it tries to fight off the effects of bad food choices e.g. sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners; “bad” fats;  stress; environmental toxins; food allergies and sensitivities; an overgrowth of “bad bugs” in your gut; and even low-grade chronic infections.  Both a sedentary lifestyle and working long hours may be factors underlying inflammation.

Any of these triggers may cause an increase in the inflammatory reaction of your immune system.  This reaction is important in immune surveillance and fighting off infection and cancer.  But when this inflammation gets out of control, chronic diseases may result. 

One of the most significant medical discoveries of the twenty-first century is that inflammation may be a common thread connecting not just the obvious autoimmune and allergic diseases but most chronic disease, including high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and depression.  In fact, out-of-control inflammation may contribute to insulin resistance, which may be a common factor in all these diseases apart from autoimmunity and allergy.

Anything that triggers inflammation may make your cells more insulin-resistant.  This may in turn make your pancreas pump out more insulin in order to get glucose inside your cells to burn for energy, increasing insulin production. 

Insulin is a fat storage hormone.  It may also increase appetite.  Guess what? This cycle may cause weight gain.  We now know that fat cells may also produce their very own highly inflammatory molecules.  These in turn may worsen insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes, and inflame many other chronic diseases.  It just goes on and on!!  The key question is “What is the individual source of inflammation and what may be done about it?”

Doing nothing achieves nothing!!  Any one of: eliminating unhealthy gut microbes or parasites; restoring healthy gut bacteria; making some healthy dietary changes; reducing exposure to environmental or food toxins; supporting the immune system;  supporting the body during times of stress; restoring hormone balance may help reduce inflammation and insulin resistance. 

The great news is little changes may make a big difference.  The key may be understanding, and having support to regain some hope and sense of control over one’s own health and destiny.

Can We Break The “Fat Cycle”?

What’s in a name: insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, pre-diabetes, adult-onset diabetes, type 2 Diabetes?  These are all essentially one problem; some vary by severity but all have deadly consequences. 

Nearly all people who are overweight have significant risks of disease and death.  Obesity, along with smoking, causes nearly all the major health care burdens of the 21st century, including heart disease, stroke, dementia, and even cancer. 

The crazy issue is these are all “lifestyle” issues.  We may wait until we have the “disease” before we start to alter our diet and start doing some exercise, seriously, or we may take steps once we have some warning signs to prevent the progression of our condition to a disease state.  We have the choice.  Our lifestyle is stressful, busy and full.  However, if we want to enjoy every day of it, some little steps to improve our health while we can, may make a huge difference into the future and even help avoid many of the chronic diseases which strike fear, uncertainty and confusion.

So why are we currently in such a vicious cycle?  Are we “comfort eating?”  Are we just too busy
to prepare meals?  Or too tired? Are we making wrong food choices?  Or drink choices? Do we have unbalanced hormones?  Is the stress of working long hours and shift-work getting at us? 

Any one of us may easily fall into some of these categories and we find we have to be vigilant.  We are in the “age-group” where our metabolisms are slower, so it becomes harder to lose weight once it is “on”!!  For busy people, we have many options to make it quick and easy to prepare meals.

In addition, specific herbal preparations and nutritional formulations may make the difference through times of stress; to assist in regaining blood sugar control; to support hormonal balance; and to support an increase in fat metabolism.   Individual assessment and prescribing is usually the most beneficial.

We have clients achieving amazing weight loss results from following an individualised naturopathic program and taking supplements.

Why wait?  With support, the results may surprise you!! 

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