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At Nurtura Health, we believe it’s a privilege to care for your health and wellness and provide you with premium quality natural health care.

Our Practitioners are passionate about ensuring you receive the best available natural health care and treatment; in a modern, friendly, and compassionate environment.

Nurtura Health is one of Australia’s most modern and up-to-date Naturopathic centres. This centre has been operating in Bundaberg since its establishment by Colin & Olive Harris in 1993.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to adding life to your years… and years to your life!

Our Purpose

It is our purpose to act in the highest integrity in assisting you to achieve your “health potential” i.e. the best state of health possible for you at that particular stage of your life and life’s circumstances. We aim to take the time required with our clients to try our utmost to ensure they understand their results and recommended treatment protocols. Accordingly our staff strive for professional excellence and to be attuned to client needs. Colin and Olive not only treat clients, they personally care about you and your wellbeing!

We look forward to working with you as a team to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Nurturing Health… Naturopathically




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